How it Works




Starting an Exam

Subscribers login on the website to access their account. In their account, they can choose to start a new exam, continue working on an exam, or review a completed exam or report. When starting a new exam, the doctor will first have to input patient information. Then, the examination will begin. The tests will come up, one at a time. The doctor cannot proceed to the next test until an answer has been selected.

Help Screens Throughout

There is a help button for each test. If you click this button, 5 help features pop up:

  • How to do the exam
  • What an expected finding is
  • The expected age for the test finding
  • An explanation for the parents about the significance of the test
  • A picture demonstrating how to perform the test


SalutoMetrics uses symbols and abbreviations in the exam. Initially you will need to keep a copy of the legend close by. As you use the program more, you will become less reliant on the legend. 

 Reflex present; age appropriate

    Reflex absent; age appropriate

 Reflex present, age inappropriate

    Reflex absent; age inappropriate

WNL  Within Normal Limits

RTR  Re-test Required

DNT  Did Not Test

T+  Hypertonic

T-  Hypotonic

NT  Normal tone

Intuitive and Detailed

Each test has a set of answers. Some are symbols or abbreviations. Subscribers will have the legend and detailed instructions emailed to them when they set up their account.

For each test, there will always be an option to add comments, upload a picture or select “did not test” or “re-test required”.

Grading and Report

Once the doctor has completed each test, they will select “complete and grade”. To grade the exam, the doctor will be guided back through the examination, one test at a time. Using the help guide, the doctor will determine and label if the result for each test is a green, yellow or red category.

  • Green: appropriate result for their age
  • Yellow: less than ideal result for their age
  • Red: inappropriate results for their age

After grading is complete, the report will be automatically generated. This report will list all the tests with the corresponding results and any comments made. The report can be saved as a PDF to be emailed, printed or attached to any electronic health record.