Future and Research

The future of SalutoMetrics is exciting and unlimited! The goal is to always promote optimal health and encourage long fulfilling lives. Currently, SalutoMetrics offers a complete infant examination and reporting system. The SalutoMetrics team is currently working on three more exams: toddler, child and adult. All SalutoMetrics examinations will be comprehensive and focus on neurological function, based on current research. These exams set the stage for the essential, quality health care patients will receive from their chiropractor.

In the chiropractic profession, it is essential we continue to validate our role in health care via current research studies. This is especially crucial while caring for the pediatric population. SalutoMetrics has been carefully designed so that the data obtained in each examination is anonymized and stored safely. This valuable data will be available for researchers studying pediatrics and chiropractic. You can be assured that our system is HIPPA compliant.