About SalutoMetrics


An Online Program for Chiropractors to Use While Examining Infants


Developed by Chiropractors, For Chiropractors

This program was developed by chiropractors, for chiropractors and it has been the missing key in our profession. We understand how essential it is for babies, infants and children to be under chiropractic care as they grow. We needed an exam that tests all areas of neurological function and reports on if the child is meeting their developmental milestones.

Easy to Use - Time Efficient - Non-invasive

Using a tablet, computer or smartphone, chiropractors can thoroughly examine infants. Each screen guides you, one test at a time, with visual aids, and with 5 key help features. This exceptional exam is extremely easy to use, time efficient, non-invasive and the paramount feature is that it automatically generates the report of findings.

The examination is comprised of a comprehensive list of tests, ordered in a sequence for a smooth choreographed initial visit. This is beneficial for both the patient and the doctor. Tests include primitive reflexes, tonal testing, critical observations and spinal biomechanics.

Automatic Reports are Generated

Upon completion of the examination, the doctor grades the exam. To grade the exam, the doctor determines if the infant had appropriate (green category), less than ideal (yellow) or inappropriate (red) results for his/her age. Within minutes, and using the help features as a guide, the doctor can complete grading and create the report. These automatically generated reports are easily saved as PDFs to be printed, emailed, or attached to electronic health records. The report is highly valuable for patients, parents and the doctors.

SalutoMetrics Subscription Options

SalutoMetrics is a subscription based program. Subscribers can pay monthly or annually. Annual subscribers get 2 months FREE.